Restaurant And COVID-19

The Safest Way to Dine at a Restaurant Amidst COVID-19

The pandemic had its sinister claws binding us to the confines of our home. Despite the safety recommendations by the CDC and WHO being crucial to our existence, your urge to step outside your house is also justifiable.

This is because having been deprived of our capability of socialising, it has plunged many out of their stable emotional and mental state.

The idea of going back to your favourite restaurant and having that appetizing meal can be overwhelming but remember not to be carried away by your emotions; instead, discover a balance between the dos and the don’ts facilitated by the new normal.

 Call Ahead for Booking

Do not indulge in spontaneous dinner dates, instead make a call and ensure that the restaurant you are visiting has taken the necessary safety measures. Be sure that they are abiding by the CDC guideline on employee screening.

At the same time, if you prefer to take away the call ahead so that you can skip the line. The next step is something you should be cautious about, ensure washing of hands throughout your day, the most acceptable way to curb the spread of Covid-19.

 Go for Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining

Despite many countries allowing indoor dining, let’s go through a reality check. This states that indoor venues are what makes you susceptible to a greater risk of infection when juxtaposed to outdoor venues.

This is because the air circulation is much better when it is outside, especially with the air conditioners; indoor dining is an educated risk you are indulging in because of the stale air that is circulating.

 Ask for Electronic Menus

The idea of handling a menu touched a plethora of diners before you are out of the question at a juncture like this. Therefore, restaurants are transcending to the smart way of menus that can be accessed through your smartphones by simply scanning a QR code.

At the same time, the easiest and convenient way is to make your menu available online. The idea of touching your phone for the menu is much more calming than handle a menu.

 Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

Almost all restaurants have a hand sanitizer – an inevitable part of our life now. However, the quandary here is that many among the restaurant owners will be ignorant of the fact that some of these hand sanitizers contain toxins such as methanol or 1-propanol.

These are detrimental to our health when absorbed or ingested. These toxins have been discovered in nearly 175 brands of hand sanitizers by the FDA.

What is the panacea? The answer is simple; just carry your own sanitizer so that you will be sure of its contents, that it will be free of contaminants and coronavirus.

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