About Us

The Green Buddha restaurant got its name from the color of the historic house in which it is located, ie green. It is also the color of nature, it is pleasant and harmonizes – what are the feelings that we would like to “serve” with you.

However, we mainly want to serve you what you came to us for – food. Our philosophy is simple, to allow you to enjoy the top experience thanks to our top ingredients and top chefs. Taking care of your satisfaction is not just a marketing move for us, you would not believe how much we care about it. The cuisine is characterized by traditional Thai dishes, prepared unconventionally – Western influences are noticeable, for the taste preferences of Europeans.

We also work with local bakeries and manufacturers so that we can put only the most honest things that can be made on your table. You will not find semi-finished products, smudges or shortcuts in cooking with us – everything is extremely honest, as evidenced by the most positive reviews of our visitors.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with purely natural materials – wood, rattan and textiles. Staff will seat you in our personally selected, handmade wooden furniture, brought from Chang Mai, Bangkok, Thailand and India. The designers of Green Buddha also enriched it with several rare pieces of antique Asian furniture, which is a contrast to the minimalist style, in which the whole concept of the company is executed.